Snow and ice are

Snow and ice are

How did all started …

Years ago, I discovered an extremely effective snow removal solution. I designed the award-winning ergonomic EFEKT snow shovels. Thanks to their efficiency, unique look and ergonomics, these have proven to be a commercial success, flooded the European market and won numerous international design awards.
The success of our winter program also inspired me to develop a highly efficient solution for removing ice from car glass every morning. Based on thorough analyses of existing scrapers on the market, it made sense to develop an ice scraper that excels with its exceptional quality of sharpness, agility, unique shape and ergonomics.

Marko Pavlinec Rinz
Co-founder, R&D Executive

Each and every member of the team
is an important element of our success.

We employ different profiles of workers, where by every individual with their knowledge contributes to achieve better products and a stronger company. The dynamic development and highly skilled employees enable us to satisfy even the most demanding buyers who want quality products, high technology in processing thermoplastics, aluminium and other materials. In the processing of the materials, the most updated technology and machines are used.

Our production

Our unique products are made exclusively in the European Union in Slovenia. In our production, based on our knowledge and work experience, we do not allow any room for mistakes and superficiality. Our production is finalised with a detailed quality control, which ensures the users top quality.