Solution for our mornings issue

Solution for our mornings issue 1200 900 Efekt Scraper

I would like to share my story with you, a story coming from the heart of a beautiful Alpine country called Slovenia. As we are most probably sharing a similar experience, not a lot of imagination is needed to picture the whole scene.

An icy winter morning; you feel the cold cutting into your bones while stepping out of your warm apartment. All you need is a hot cup of coffee and your morning portion of peace. Instead, seeing your car trapped in an ice crust, you feel your first dose of stress adrenaline. You start the engine and grab that ice-cold, totally unappealing ice scraper out of the door bin. One out of two scrapes is ineffective, your fingers numbing from the cold after just a few moves. You finally manage to clean that tiny area above the steering wheel, only large enough to see the road ahead when you bend down a little. Oh, of course, you know your way by heart, even with your eyes closed. You turn on the windscreen heating to maximum and drive into a new working day that has already disrupted your plans from the very beginning

Year after year, I found myself annoyed by mornings like this. Years ago, furious at once again being forced to shovel snow, an extremely efficient solution came to my mind. As a result, I designed a highly effective, multiple award-winning ergonomic EFEKT Snow Shovel. Excelling in its efficiency, unique look and ergonomics, it flooded the European market.

All that in turn led me to this ICE SCRAPER project. As shown by my thorough analyses of the existing scrapers available on the market, it made sense to develop a more efficient ice scraper. At that time, a both efficient and good looking ice scraper was nowhere to be found. As a material, I chose high quality acrylic glass of considerable thickness to provide uncompromising scraping power even during the coldest Alpine mornings.

While designing it, I paid great attention to the following aspects:

– Scraping quality as a result of a diamond-polished scraping edge

– Progressive design and great ergonomics, enabling several methods of use depending on the type of ice/snow.

– Compact design and perfect look

– Product customisation


To find out more about the EFEKT Ice Scraper, please click HERE.