• Sharp like a diamond. The main surface of the ice scraper effect has been processed by diamond polishing. This allows us to achieve the sharpest and most precise scratch edge.
  • Made from high quality 5mm thick polyacrylic glass which makes the scratch even more durable and reliable.
  • Adjust the inclination of ice scraping. By simply turning the ice scraper, you can adjust the inclination of scratching based on the strength of the ice and the accessibility of the surface.
  • Sweep the snow off your car. The special advantage of the ice scraper effect is the possibility of sweeping snow. It can be used as a broom to remove snow from the roof and windows of your car.
  • The wiper of your windscreen wiper. Wipers are usually more exposed to frost formation. The effect ice scraper has a slot in the scratch surface, which makes ice and dirt much more thoroughly removed from the rubber parts of the windscreen wipers.


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